Loose Parts, Natural Environments, and Engaging with the Outdoors are the focus for the school holidays at “Pixie Hollow”.

“During the school holidays we have been using the Nature Play passports and app.


Each day the children receive a mission that invites them to engage in the natural outdoor environment and investigate and utilize loose parts in their play.

This experience;

  • allows children to feel ownership of the spaces they are working in.
  • allows children the freedom to represent their learning in a variety of ways.
  • encourages children to persevere, challenge themselves and take risks to achieve an outcome.
  • access to open ended materials helps children to demonstrate spatial awareness and to orient themselves in their environment.
  • encourages experiences using all of the senses and to engage creatively.
  • promotes inclusive and collaborative play, teamwork and a connection to others.
  • provides opportunities to build upon emerging language skills.
  • provides opportunities for exploration of simple maths and science concepts.”

Leeanda at “Pixie Hollow” FDC in Upper Orara has a great outdoor environment and has added Nature Play Passports to enhance the learning experiences.


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From the parents

We had our son in care with Jacqui for 2.5 years (from 6 months-3years) and she treated him as her own the entire time. We shared all of his special milestones together, she taught him so many things-counting, shapes, colours, improving fine motor skills, speech and physical movement. He’s been on fun excursions and is socialable in most settings, he is such a kind hearted little boy. I honestly have Jacqui to thank for a lot of it. She communicated well with us the entire time and always had our sons best interest in mind and heart. We for sure will be sending our next Bub to Jac! She is exactly who you want to help raise your kids when you’re at work.read more
Brittany Comino
Brittany Comino
10:32 13 Jul 19
Great team to work with
bryn goode
bryn goode
01:04 13 May 19
Super easy, friendly and wonderful environment. Definitely recommend!
Jacob Connor
Jacob Connor
01:02 13 May 19
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