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Personalised Child Care in Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour Family Day Care is the only local not-for-profit provider of home-based child care in Coffs Harbour and beyond. Our service has been run by members of the local Coffs Harbour community for 30 years.

Your child will spend quality time in a safe and familiar environment. As a result, the intimacy of the home-based setting encourages a caring and social interaction between children of mixed ages. In turn, this develops the skills they need for a great start in life.

We coordinate placement for your child

While our educators provide the primary care for your child in their home, Coffs Harbour Family Day Care manages and administers the service. Your first contact is with us and we will organise your request for child care in Coffs Harbour and monitor your child’s welfare in care.


Who can attend and where?

  • Children aged 0 to school age, i.e. babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers
  • School-aged children (before and after school care and vacation care)
  • Coffs Harbour area, from Corindi to Bonville and west to Nana Glen

Convenient and Flexible hours

Our educators offer a variety of hours and days for child care in Coffs Harbour. Some also offer evening, overnight and weekend care. Please contact us to inquire about the availability of weekend care.

Fees & rebate information

Coffs Harbour Family Day Care sets the fees for each service. The Child Care Subsidy is provided by the Australian Government to assist with the cost of care. Fees currently range from $9.50 per hour to $11.30 per hour

Finding the right educator for your child

We have a network of educators in the wider Coffs Harbour area. We know the days and hours they are offering care and will try to match your needs with regard to location and hours with the most suitable educator for your child.

Quick facts about our family day care services:

  • All our educators have been approved as suitable persons to work with children and providing a safe home environment.
  • Our educators care for groups of up to 4 children not attending school and up to a total of 7 children under 13, which includes the educator’s own children if any.
  • We follow a ‘best practice’ of one child under 12 months old per educator at any one time.
  • Our educators implement appropriate programs which include fun activities and experiences that follow the child’s interests and will assist them in their development and learning.
  • Coffs Harbour Family Day Care provides full support and training to our educators to ensure their professionalism. Staff visit educators on a regular basis to support and monitor the quality of care provided.
  • We provide a 24 hour on-call service for families and educators.
  • Coffs Harbour Family Day Care is regulated under the National Regulations and Law

What do I need to do to find family day care in Coffs Harbour?

1. Complete and submit the Application for Care form available from the home page of our website or contact the office and provide the details of your care requirements for the placement list
2. Once care is available you will be contacted and provided contact details of the educators that have vacancies that match your requirements.
3. You then need to contact the educators and arrange an interview time.
4. Once you have chosen the educator contact the office on 02 6652 7819 to arrange a time to enrol your child.

More information

Read our Parent Handbook to access more details about using Coffs Harbour Family Day Care for your child’s education and care.
Have you read through our About Us section yet?

If you have any questions about Child Care in Coffs Harbour or would like to arrange a meeting, please contact us.

Child care in Coffs Harbour

Parents Handbook

Coffs Harbour Family Day Care is a professional home-based education and care service offering quality, flexible services for the changing needs of families on the Coffs Coast.

We are the your only local not for profit family day care service and have been providing quality childcare for the Coffs Harbour community for 35 years. Our long association with the local community ensures that we are in the best position to find a suitable and highly qualified educator in your area to care for your child.

Parents Handbook

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Frequently asked questions

Why would I choose Family Day Care for my child?
Family Day Care is a service that is home based and therefore offers a familiar environment to the child. The intimacy of the home based setting encourages a caring, social interaction between the children and develops the skills for a good start in life. Family Day Care is a nurturing environment for babies and, along with the toddlers, preschoolers and after school children offers the opportunity for the interaction and challenges of mixed ages.

Is Family Day Care regulated?
All Family Day Care Schemes are regulated by Education and Care Services National Regulations. The numbers of children in each Family Day Care home is regulated.

How will I know about the quality of the Family Day Care Scheme or Educator?
Quality is maintained by the educators themselves and the Co-ordination Unit that visit educators on a regular basis. In-service and induction training is provided for educators to ensure their professionalism. The National Quality Framework was implemented in 2012. All child care services are assessed and rated against National Quality Standards from 1 Feb 2018. Families can verify the status of any children’s service by accessing the National Register.

How many children can an Educator have in care?
Educators can care for 4 children under school age and up to a total of 7 children under 13 years of age. Coffs Harbour Family Day Care recommends that educators, where possible, only have two children under 2 years of age in care at any one time.

What hours can I use?
Educators offer a variety of hours and days for care. The Co-ordination Unit has a list of the hours and days each Educator is prepared to work and will try to match the parents’ needs to the Educator.

What is a Co-ordination Unit or Service?
A Family Day Care Service consists of the Educators who provide the primary care in the home and the Co-ordination Unit office is where the service is managed and administered. The parents’ first contact is with the Co-ordination Unit.

What is the role of the Co-ordination Unit?
The Co-ordination Unit manages and administers the Family Day Care Scheme. The staff recruit, select, coach, support and monitor educators. They organise the family requests for care and monitor the children’s welfare in care.

What learning opportunities or experiences will my child have in care?
Educators work within an approved learning framework which guides interactions with children, families and colleagues. The program is developed based on the educators sound knowledge of each child so that the experiences, interactions and routines each child is involved in are relevant to them, respectful of their background and recognise and build on their current interest and abilities.

How much does care cost?
Coffs Harbour Family Day Care is responsible for setting the fees at each education and care venue. The fees may vary at different locations. Child Care Subsidy is available for families.

Can I go on a waiting list?
Yes, you can place your child’s name on our placement list at any time. An application for care can be completed on the front page of our website or if you prefer, by calling the office on 02 6652 7819.

Do Educators go out with the children in vehicles?
Many Educators transport children in vehicles to engage in community based activities such as play session, shopping or park play. Educators are required to have a safety check regarding the appropriate child care restraints and are required to conduct and document risk assessments on all excursion venues and prepare excursion management plans. Educators are required to discuss their routine excursions with families at the time of enrolments and provide families access to the risk assessments. Parents must provide written authorities for excursions.

How will I know what my child is doing during the day?
Educators are required to plan and program for children in care. Daily routines are displayed and child development coordinators discuss the curriculum with educators during regular home visits. During the enrolment process, educators will discuss with you the preferred way to communicate with you throughout the day (email, text, journals etc.) Documentation about your child’s program and progress will be available to you in a range of formats. Parents are encouraged to examine the happenings of the day so they can discuss them with their Educator and their child.

How do I go about getting care?
Contact Coffs Harbour Family Day Care on 02 6652 7819.

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    From the parents

    We have used this service for both of our children - both with Helen. She is amazing! Our son loves going to Helen's, it's a second home for him. He has made great friends there too. We can't express enough how much we appreciate Helen and Coffs FDC for caring for our kids in a home environment. Highly recommend using this service!!read more
    Jenny Haynes
    Jenny Haynes
    00:39 18 Dec 19
    We had our son in care with Jacqui for 2.5 years (from 6 months-3years) and she treated him as her own the entire time. We shared all of his special milestones together, she taught him so many things-counting, shapes, colours, improving fine motor skills, speech and physical movement. He’s been on fun excursions and is socialable in most settings, he is such a kind hearted little boy. I honestly have Jacqui to thank for a lot of it. She communicated well with us the entire time and always had our sons best interest in mind and heart. We for sure will be sending our next Bub to Jac! She is exactly who you want to help raise your kids when you’re at more
    Brittany Comino
    Brittany Comino
    10:32 13 Jul 19
    Great team to work with
    bryn goode
    bryn goode
    01:04 13 May 19
    Super easy, friendly and wonderful environment. Definitely recommend!
    Jacob Connor
    Jacob Connor
    01:02 13 May 19
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